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I can't remember a time when I didn't
want to be an actress.
(Above:) This photo was shot in Hollywood just after I finished shooting my starring role in Hugo Haas's film "Edge of Hell".


Japan. On the set of "My Geisha". I was Shirley's stand-in.

When Shirley had to dress in full geisha outfit, so did I.

Kyoto. On the set of "My Geisha".

Back to dubbing when the film was over. Carl Hansen was one of my partners in Asian Films International.

When I returned to France after living in Japan for two years I got a part in a Marcel Carne film "Trois Chambres en Manhattan".

A still from the film "Edge of Hell"which was eventually released by Universal.

London. I played the boy hero in a Christmas Pantomime, "The Big Rock Candy Mountains" written by Alan Lomax.

I started working in my teens on radio and then did some early TV in New York City. I did two plays in Greenwich Village and my first season of Summer Stock when I was seventeen. Before I was eighteen I graduated from high school and was out on the road, doing one night stands all over the country with a children's theatre troupe. Another season of summer stock followed and then out touring again, this time with an Equity company, the road company of "Darkness at Noon". I played the part Kim Hunter played on Broadway.

Israel. On the set of the film "Exodus".

On my first night in Tokyo
I tried out for a dubbing job.

Deciding to try Hollywood I did not return to NYC with the rest of the troupe, but took a bus to the West Coast. I did a small part in an experimental film, acted at the Pasadena Playhouse and met Hugo Haas (known then as the poor man's Orson Welles, as he wrote, directed, starred and produced his own films) who wrote a part for me in a film he was preparing. It turned out to be the lead. We made the film at the former Chaplin Studios under the name of "Tender Hearts" but Universal, who released it, changed the title to "Edge of Hell".

At that point in my life I met Ramblin' Jack Elliott and started on a long odyssey of travelling around the world which did not end for many years. I did do some acting however, with Jack in London in a stage play and then later, in Israel, Japan and France, I did parts in several movies as well as working behind the scenes. There was a long period when I was working for the Rolling Stones and moving into film sales and distribution when I did not even think about acting.

Now that I am back living in the States and old enough to play character roles; grandmas, lawyers, judges, crank patients, etc. I have rejoined SAG and signed with an agency and am hoping to do some more acting.


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