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As long as I can remember I have loved
, my friends would say I am OBSESSED.

Movies and traveling, the two things I like best in the world.


A magical place,
Pammukale, Turkey

I got to swim with the dolphins in Key Largo.

This is a taxi in Roratonga in the Cook Islands.

Bryce Canyon in Utah in the winter.

Exploring Venice, Italy after
working a film market in Milan.

I was out on the road acting when I was seventeen, doing one night stands in a children's play, "Dick Whittington and his Pussycat". That set the tone...48 States in 7 months. When I got back from that first long tour I went to Summer Stock in upstate New York. And then another long road tour with "Darkness at Noon". I eventually ended up in Los Angeles and more or less stayed in the same place until I married Ramblin' Jack Elliott. Now the traveling went overseas. Jack and I sang on the streets, made records, did concerts. worked in little clubs in over 20 countries in 4 years. Actually, Jack did most of the singing, but I was real good at passing the hat or arranging the work. I did learn to sing one song with Jack, however, "Candy Man".

On the streets of Saigon in Vietnam just before the war really broke out.

After Jack and I split in Israel,
I headed East... to India, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan, where I stayed for over two years. On my way back to Europe I added Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal to my growing list of countries visited. There was a long period when I stayed in one place; France. And I married again. I did however, go to Zaire and work on a music festival at the time of Ali/Foreman Championship fight.

I finally returned to live alone in the States in 1980, joining ABC. Now I REALLY started traveling, doing some 100,000 miles a year for them going to Film Festivals and Video and TV Markets all over the world. I made the first of my seven trips to China in 1983. Since I moved back to Los Angeles I did less business traveling, but to make up for it, took off every opportunity I got.

I visited Wave Rock in Western Australia. It's about 4 hours from Perth. That same night I heard that the film got into the Sundance Film Festival.

The Secret Garden in Seoul, Korea.

Now I look back at the photos and the mementos and realize in the last few years I have visited Brazil and Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Ecuador and the Galapogos, Costa Rica, Iceland and Greenland, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, The Cook Islands, Malaysia and Borneo, Tunisia,Thailand, Burma and Vietnam, not to forget France every year for the Cannes Film Festival.

OBSESSED? Not me! But I am pushing about 100 countries visited so far and can't wait to go somewhere again soon.